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Datwyler Sealing Technologies

Permanent seals for tunnelling and civil engineering


Datwyler Sealing Technologies
Deutschland GmbH
Eisenacher Landstr. 70
99880 Waltershausen

Company Profile

Datwyler Rubber is providing innovative solutions to sealing and insulation problems for applications in automobile manufacturing, industrial and construction systems. The civil engineering department of Datwyler Rubber is specialised in the design and production of rubber profiles for segment sealing gaskets to seal infrastructure tunnels. Design and manufacturing of pipe seals is the second focus of the department. Datwyler Rubber has demonstrated its project expertise in more than 500 tunnels on five continents.

Product Range

Datwyler Rubber is a leading manufacturer of rubber products and a specialist in the development of sophisticated rubber components for industrial and construction applications. The company does not maintain a catalog range of commonly available rubber products but concentrates instead on customised applications for the automotive, mechanical engineering and apparatus manufacturing industries, as well for building construction and civil engineering.

Regional Focus

Basler & Hofmann is the local partner of Datwyler Sealing Technologies in South-East Asia providing acquisition support, technical marketing services and site support for Datwyler.