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Glass Fibre Reinforced Construction Products


FiReP International AG
Marktgasse 7
8640 Rapperswil

Company Profile

The name FiReP is not only the brand of the FiReP Group but also the name of the Fiber Reinforced Polymer Products. The FiReP Group is one of the global largest producers of GFRP pultruded profiled bar systems for applications in mining, tunneling and civil engineering. FiReP is recognized in the construction industry as one of the most innovative supplier of its line of business with a GFRP experience of more than 30 years.

Product Range

The products are based on high strength fibres embedded in a durable resin matrix. The special FiReP products are the solution to essential problems in many applications, whenever steel may not be used. GFRP Rebars and Bolts have a higher strength, a lower weight, a lower thermal and electrical conductivity, do not corrode and can very easily be machined. The self-developed pultrusion technique offers diverse processes for high-end production of strongest GFRP rod & tube systems with continuous high load thread profiles.

Regional Focus

Basler & Hofmann provides design support, technical marketing services and on-site support for FiReP systems in the Region.