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Optimas OE Solutions

Links and Fasteners for tunnel segments


Optimas OE Solutions
Sofrasar Tunnel Products
9 rue Gutenberg BP 50535
Sarreguemines, Cedex F-57205

Company Profile

Optimas specialises in the global sourcing, inventory management and delivery of a wide range of standard and customer-specific components. Since bringing our fastener expertise to the tunnelling sector in 1990, we have successfully partnered projects across the globe from the Americas and Europe to Asia and the Sub-continent.

Product Range

With an extensive range of applications including dowels, bolting and injection systems, anchors and accessories, we are specialists in the provisions of a complete range of links and fasteners for tunnel segments.

Regional Focus

Basler & Hofmann is the technical representative of Optimas - Sofrasar Tunnel Products in the Pacific Region. Together, we determine the optimum fastener solution, using our ‘fit for purpose’ expertise in consideration of issues such as size, application, torque and resistance.

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