Our perspective - Basler & Hofmann - consulting engineers


An independent family firm – based on conviction

Basler & Hofmann is a family firm. The proprietor families are convinced that the corporate model they have selected offers maximum stability and sustainability. This has been proven by our company's history, which shows a track record of sustained growth.

A strong company

Basler & Hofmann's proprietors are committed to sustainability. They aim to keep the company strong so, that as a family firm, it can compete internationally and continue to develop successfully. This is why the proprietors have defined the company's key goals and strategies in the Family Charter.

Social and environmental responsibility

As a family firm, Basler & Hofmann shoulders its responsibilities − to our employees, to our government, to our society and to our environment. Our activities help to shape living environments and landscapes, and our work provides the bases for policy decisions. In all these areas, we aim for sustainable solutions that are viable over the long term.