Switzerland - Basler & Hofmann - consulting engineers


Subsidiary Companies

Apart from the engineering, planning and consultancy companies Basler & Hofmann AG of Zurich, Basler & Hofmann West AG (headquartered in Zollikofen) and Basler & Hofmann Innerschweiz AG (headquartered in Luzern) the following Swiss companies belong to the group:


Basler & Hofmann Altdorf AG

Our subsidiary in Altdorf is located in Central Switzerland. Its activities focus on infrastructure and environmental projects and studies in the Canton of Uri.


B, S, S. Political Economic Consultants

Political and public authorities, as well as private enterprises, make decisions on a daily basis that have far-reaching economic consequences. B, S, S. has been a constant presence in Basle’s economic consulting community for many years. The firm’s economists provide financial analysis for solid decision-making on a local, national and international scale. >Homepage


Rehalp-Verwaltungs AG

Rehalp-Verwaltungs AG is the Basler & Hofmann group's real estate company. It develops and manages commercial properties and leases office and business space to firms owned by the Basler & Hofmann group as well as to other companies. > Homepage